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Army PEOs, PMs, and other leaders are on the hunt for better, faster, cheaper ways to meet immediate operational needs. Work with us to speed capability development and identify the most promising commercial solutions quickly, especially in areas where technology is booming and there's a growing demand across the force — Power & Energy, Robotics & Tactical AI, Contested Logistics, and Human Performance.

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When you present problems in terms commercial solvers understand, you can reach deeper into the realm of possible solutions — and even shape requirements for the future. With AAL's help uniting specialists, stakeholders, commercial solvers, and Soldiers into an integrated, cross-cutting team, our Army partners can gain better insight and alignment from the beginning of a project and increase the probability of successful transition.

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By pulling from different sources of funding, you are able to cast a wider net and find the best solutions. Our team will show you how to use existing programs in new and novel ways, testing the limits while staying within the rules.


We have our own money — and we can partner with yours — allowing us to lead and manage fully-funded projects for Army clients. Our Research Development Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) funding is programmed into the Congressional budget and allows us to fund projects up to prototype (TRL 6).

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This is not your standard approach to SBIR. Our Special Program Awards for Required Technology Needs (SPARTN) approach unites Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding with a high-touch, high-engagement model to improve outcomes for Army problem owners and industry solvers alike.

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There are times when private capital investment makes sense for a company, either from a technology development perspective or to help defray costs for the Army. While AAL will never require a company to pursue private capital, if they are at the right stage and interested, we will facilitate introductions to a curated selection of VCs in our network.

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Unlike most Army organizations, AAL has access to both RDT&E and SBIR funding — and projects sometimes require a mixture of each to achieve the goal. This blended funding approach allows us to capitalize on successes quicker and easier, helping solutions to the next stage or augmenting for small use cases by matching SBIR dollars with RDT&E.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to find commercial technology that could solve an operational need but don't have the time or resources to explore and validate the solutions on your own, then we are the perfect partner for you. The Army doesn't have a problem creating new widgets; we have a problem getting products into the hands of Soldiers. And, while the Army and DoD have organizations dedicated to finding new technology, solutions discovered in the commercial market don't always align to an identified problem. We can help with both.

AAL partners closely with Cross Functional Teams (CFTs) within Army Futures Command (AFC) as well as with appropriate Program Executive Offices (PEO) and Program Managers (PMs) at the beginning of every project, embedding them into the capability development process to align funding and speed transition. We also work across the Army, acting as a broker, to transfer solutions from Science & Technology (S&T) to ASA(ALT) for validation and fielding to Programs of Record.

Our network includes big companies, small companies, and everything in between. What they share is a desire to work on Army problems, even if they've never worked with the government before. AAL's dedicated Commercial Ventures team actively curates and manages this network of nontraditional solvers, venture capital firms, aggregators, and industry partners within each of our four technology focus areas.

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