5000+ companies in our solver network

42 DAYSaverage time to contract
- SBIR Phase I

60% of our portfolio companies have little to no DoD experience

75% of our portfolio are small to medium sized companies

$100M+ in total funding awarded

Project Highlights

Provide secure, reliable tools for sharing information from anywhere in the world. Use case examples include cyber security, high-efficiency components, network protocols.

Increase situational awareness and real-time intelligence. Use case examples include sensors & sensor fusion, unmanned platforms, AI/ML

Soldier Support Operations
Help maintain, resupply, and streamline all aspects of Soldier support. Help maintain, resupply, and streamline all aspects of Soldier support. Use case examples include robotics, logistics, and autonomy.

Reduce load on Soldiers and improve performance across environments and platforms. Use case examples include enhanced-training tools, AR/VR, human performance.

Help Soldiers easily find their location, set direction, and plan routes without GPS. Use case examples include position, navigation & timing, hardware & algorithms, space systems

Reduce size and weight while increasing power and performance of systems. Use case examples include power generation, low-power electronics, compact power sources.

Infosheet Graphic for Exosense

Exoskeletons with a multitude of sensors will be used on future battlefields, but it isn't clear how those sensor data should be interpreted...

Infosheet Graphic for IT/AT

The Army is using synthetic training models to transform cost-prohibitive, episodic live training into infinitely replicable...

Infosheet Graphic for RCV
Robotic Combat Vehicle Sustainment

Robotic Combat Vehicles (RCVs) reduce the risk to Soldiers and deliver advantages during conflict. But the Army can only retain...