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AAL's Cohort Program is similar to an accelerator, similar to a hack-a-thon, similar to traditional acquisitions, but none of those things by itself. This highly interactive model brings together a group of companies that don't usually work with the DoD and invites them to collaborate. Cohorts aren't focused on making one widget or bound by rigid requirements. They work on dissecting and solving complex operational problems for the Army.

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We bring Army clients and cohort members together throughout the program to share insights and solve the problem as a team. By including Army Program Managers (PMs) throughout the design process, we deliver realistic solutions while reducing risks to cost, schedule, and performance. Rather than spending millions on one solution that may not work, we quickly validate new ideas that can solve multiple problems and scale into other dual-use solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

New cohorts are established when we uncover a specific problem that could be solved in a variety of ways and have an Army partner that wants to use our Cohort Program to solve it. If your company is interested in hearing about our next cohort opportunity, join our network now. If you're an Army leader interested in funding a new cohort, we're ready to talk.
Our Cohort companies earn non-dilutive capital to help translate your existing technology for a military use case. Your existing intellectual property (IP) will not be impacted by participating in a cohort. If you are invited to participate, you will be asked to disclose existing IP that will be used, advised of your existing IP rights, and asked to identify what limited-use rights you wish to provide the government. That said, the government will have a use right to any new IP that you develop as part of a cohort.
Every cohort through AAL is different, because every problem is unique. So the deliverables can vary. In general, however, companies are expected to complete an 8- to 12- week program and deliver (1) an interim draft and (2) final concept design paper/presentation to relevant Army decision makers. In addition, companies are strongly encouraged to take advantage of multiple in-person touch points throughout the program. These activities allow companies to connect with end-users (Soldiers), Army decision-makers, and key stakeholders to enable product development and inform concept design papers and presentations. This highly collaborative approach represents unparalleled engagement with the Army community and is one aspect that makes our Cohort Program so powerful.