AAL partners with SBIR to provide small business innovators up to $1.1M and a direct contract with the Army


tapping america’s seed fund

Three times each year, the Army puts out Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) topics to give U.S. small businesses a chance to receive non-dilutive funding, refine their technology, and solve real Army problems. We call these three periods “releases,” and each release features new and focused challenges.

With each new challenge, AAL’s integrated Solution Design approach provides innovators with an unprecedented level of access to Soldiers, Army problem owners, Cross-Functional Teams, program managers, and technical experts. With hands-on support from the AAL team, SBIR recipients get more transparency into Army problems and real-time guidance from people who know the rules. What does this mean to the innovator? It means your solution has a better chance to transition into an Army program of record.

There are a range of requirements (and funding) associated with each topic, but each one offers the potential to develop your technology for the Army. What does this mean to the innovator? The Army can provide you with non-dilutive capital and the potential for a sole-source contract later in the program.


AAL uses the Army SBIR program as part of our integrated Solution Design approach. This means, each topic we release is tied to a priority problem we’re working to solve. What’s more is that we include Soldier touchpoints in every topic we release, so companies can develop solutions in tandem with end users. This collaborative approach provides direct engagement with Army problem owners, Cross-Functional Teams, program managers, technical experts, and other stakeholders who support the development of your technology.


The Army SBIR program provides federal funding to ensure American small businesses are part of Army research and development. SBIR is designed for companies with fewer than 500 employees that have technology — ranging from idea to prototype — with potential commercial applications. This competitive awards-based program helps small businesses with relevant dual-use technology explore their potential while supporting Army priorities. And you only need a DUNS number and the right ideas to participate.