The Problem

Water (or "wet gap") crossing operations are incredibly resource- and labor-intensive, requiring many personnel to maneuver and connect Improved Ribbon Bridges (IRBs) — temporary, mobile bridges.

Soldiers build IRBs to transport troops, vehicles, and equipment across bodies of water when permanent bridges aren’t available. Multiple sections, called "bays", connect to form the IRB. One by one, bays are dropped into the water, pushed together by crewed boats, manually attached by Soldiers standing atop the bays, fully loaded with cargo, and then maneuvered by the boats across the wet gap. As Soldiers and equipment remain in fixed locations to conduct these time-consuming operations, they become increasingly vulnerable to enemy detection and attack.

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The Opportunity

The total funding for awards in this Direct to Phase II (DP2) effort is $1,900,000. Awardee(s) will develop a prototype of a kit/system that autonomously assembles IRBs and includes waterway navigation.

DP2 proposals should build on the design formulated according to Phase I requirements described in the "PHASE I" section of the solicitation. Required Phase II deliverables include a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 prototype for further Army evaluation, a demonstration of the prototype, and monthly and final reports detailing design and performance analysis of the prototype. The period of performance for this DP2 effort is 12 months.

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