We're not a laboratory in the traditional sense of the word. We exist to implement new ways for the Army and industry to work together. Our services often take place behind the scenes to make things possible. We show Army problem owners how to apply and adopt these new ways of working and connect them with commercial solvers. And we make sure people from industry have the access, transparency, and capital to scale their solutions into the Army.

If we can't deliver on these promises, then we won't waste your time.

Market Intelligence

Market Research
Trend Analysis
Commercial Assessments

Solution Evaluation

Technical Assessments
Proof of Technology
Solution Validation

Solution Innovation

Problem Framing
Concept Development
Solution Demonstration
Transition Support

How We Fund Projects

There are various ways to fund projects in the Army, and we use as many as we can. By pulling from different sources of funding, we provide opportunities for companies of all types to work with us while casting a wider net for Army clients to find the best solutions.


Our Research Development Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) funding is programmed into the Congressional budget and allows us to fund projects up to prototype (TRL 6). There are no restrictions on what companies can apply to RDT&E funded projects.


This is not your standard SBIR program. Our Special Program Awards for Required Technology Needs (SPARTN) unites Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding and AAL's unique model to improve incentives for working with the Army. Eligible companies must be US-based and majority owned, with fewer than 500 people.

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We use other funding types made available by Congress, if they specifically align to project needs and parameters.

our three approaches

Our problems and our solvers are unique. And a one-size approach doesn't fit all. That's why our projects are designed to offer AAL portfolio companies and our Army clients the right amount of flexibility, access, and structure based on their needs.


"Unknown Unknowns"

When we need solutions in a general area for problems that may not yet exist


"System of Systems"

When we're looking for ways to solve parts or all of complex, multi-faceted problems


"We Know What We Want"

When we need a specific solution, tailored to meet a detailed problem statement

Open Opportunities

Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) Readiness Kit
Diver Performance Monitoring System (DPMS)

Use Case Examples

AAL supports the Army's modernization priorities. That means our projects — and our use case examples — align to those priority problems.

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