AAL is the U.S. Army's Innovation Unit

We fundamentally shape how the Army works with industry to reunite American innovation and national security.

AAL Ibex

That was then

A piece of paper that says, "Go build this."

A contract that demands you stay in your lane

Award money after the point it's most needed

Quick wins that go nowhere

Red tape and lots of obstacles

Contract managers who are not stakeholders

This is now

Start with a problem and ask, "What's possible?"

Collaborate in a creative and unified team

Fast and flexible funding at the speed of business

See paths for additional contracts from the start

Space and opportunity to run with new ideas

Work with real decision-makers and budget owners

Army problems. Your solutions.

We make it easy for you to do business with the Army through simple processes, transparent paths to growth, and the structure to support your best ideas that help solve our highest priority problems.

Market Intelligence

The companies the Army wants to work with are out there — even if they don't know it yet

Solution Evaluation

Prioritized and endorsed problems matched with the best people to solve them

Solution Innovation

Collaboration between solvers, Soldiers, and stakeholders on real paths to delivery

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