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Soldiers need to know where things are and where they’re going. When dismounted warfighters enter a GPS denied (or degraded) environment, they lose the unfettered access to Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) data across the battlefield. This can happen because of electromagnetic interference, GPS jamming from enemies, or even due to surrounding buildings in dense urban environments. All of this means that Soldiers don’t have the persistent, uninterrupted access to the precise locations of fellow Soldiers, observers, targets, and assets which is crucial to their mission. 

Current solutions for Soldiers rely on GPS signals and closed architectures. While this is effective, the Army needs to adapt these solutions more rapidly to address evolving threats and emerging technologies. 


The Army needs your help developing Soldier-Integrated Position, Navigation, and Timing (SIPNT) solutions. We are looking for SIPNT solutions based on open architectures that can incorporate multiple sensors, algorithms, and technologies to provide more effective PNT capabilities to Soldiers. These solutions need to be adaptable to evolving threats and be able to leverage emerging technologies. The solutions you design will integrate with all types of dismounted PNT form factors including handheld devices, DAPS (dismounted assured PNT systems), and IVAS (integrated visual augmentation systems). 

As an innovator, and in partnership with AAL on this project, you have the potential to advance one of the Army’s top modernization priorities, to access non-dilutive funding to advance your solution and access to institutional support while integrating into the Army ecosystem. AAL can support these innovators by establishing cost-sharing agreements, providing access to government facilities and infrastructure, and in so many other ways.  Most importantly, this opportunity has direct involvement from Army stakeholders and subject matter experts who can further support selected solutions long-term.


In support of the Assured Position Navigation and Timing Cross Functional Team (APNT-CFT), the Army Applications Lab (AAL) and Command Power and Integration (CP&I) directorate are looking for lightweight, low-power hardware, software, and digital signal processing (DSP) technologies to counter GPS jamming.  These technologies should be small, lightweight, and low-power enough for dismounted Soldiers to use with limited battery consumption. They should also be based on Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) principles and should ultimately allow future PNT systems to utilize GPS signals even through jamming attempts.


Want to learn more or ask a question? See the full Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) and Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) here.


Whether you’re a garage-bound startup, a commercial solver, or an academic research group, if you have a solution, we want to hear about it.  Submit your ideas below to help the Army develop the next generation of soldier-integrated PNT technologies.