The Problem


Although Soldiers are equipped with small Uncrewed Aerial Systems (sUAS) for short-range reconnaissance (SRR), these platforms don’t have the modular or lethal capabilities to help Soldiers attack and defend against enemy forces.

The development of lethal payloads for sUAS will increase Soldiers’ offensive effectiveness and provide them with a weapon system capable of engaging an enemy from a safer, protected position.

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The Opportunity


You'll be expected to provide a proposal with a proof-of-concept at the beginning and present your prototype at the end of this Direct-to-Phase II SPARTN SBIR topic.

As many as two businesses will be selected to receive up to $500,000 each for a nine-month period of performance.

The Army needs a modular, lethal payload system for one or more of the approved DIU Blue Cleared UAS platforms. The payload should include integration to the selected platform, fires control, and targeting capabilities.

Relevant technology verticals include but are not limited to drones, targeting technologies, and robotics.

What we are looking for


The system should be lightweight and easy to transport.


The system should be easily attachable and detachable from the sUAS platform by Soldiers in the field.


The system should have a lethal capability using a munition currently in the Army inventory.

About the SPARTN Program

What Makes SPARTN Different?

Special Program Awards for Required Technology Needs (SPARTN) blends government and industry best practices to introduce a new whole-of-Army, collaborative approach to solution innovation. The result is a way to solve Army problems faster and to accelerate the process by which successful technology is purchased by the Army.

You can apply to help solve a specific SPARTN problem via the Defense SBIR/STTR innovation portal (DSIP). Simply search for the problem you want to help solve using the associated topic name or number.

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Getting Started

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