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While the U.S. Army has advanced considerably since WWI, our approach to storing, shipping, and loading munitions has not fundamentally changed in the past 100 years. Meanwhile, the commercial market has driven incredible advancements and efficiencies through automation and robotics. We are ready to apply these innovations to improve performance — while reducing costs and human effort — of field artillery weapon supply chain systems and processes. If you have a potential solution that could address our needs, we want to learn more.


The autonomous resupply problem — or Field Artillery Autonomous Resupply (FAAR) — is a top priority for the Army. We are looking for commercial innovations in autonomous and semi-autonomous robotic systems to support vehicle resupply operations for palletized and individual unit inventory assets and materials. Those with the strongest and most promising concepts will be invited into discussions to accelerate use of your solution within the Army.

If you have a solution you think the Army can use to address the FAAR problem, apply to join our cohort program. Companies that are selected to participate will receive $150k to develop and present a capability brief to Army stakeholders and potential strategic partners.


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Additional questions about the FAAR Cohort should be directed to our team.


We want to uncover autonomy and robotics solutions from those who may have never worked with the Army before — startups, entrepreneurs, tech companies, VCs, universities, research labs, and more. By connecting ideas from a broad range of nontraditional solvers with the right people and organizations within the Army, we can work together to put fewer people in harm’s way, save taxpayer dollars, and respond to threats faster.