The Problem

Casualty Care Training

Female Soldiers experience a significant survivability disparity compared to male Soldiers. This stems, in part, from a lack of anatomically correct female manikins in casualty care training.

Additionally, current medical trauma training is conducted in either virtual or physical environments — both of which have limitations such as a lack of modifiable training scenarios (physical), and insufficient hands-on training (virtual).

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The Opportunity


This is a Phase I SPARTN SBIR opportunity using our cohort program. Phase I begins with a concept demonstration to Army stakeholders that establishes technical merit, feasibility, and commercial potential of proposed R&D efforts to determine the company’s success potential. This cohort gives companies the option to develop complementary technologies that result in a best-in-breed solution.

As many as 10 businesses will be selected to receive up to $200,000 each for a three–month period of performance.

The solution should be an anatomically correct female manikin with mixed reality capabilities, and the ability to detect and configure across different operating systems. This will provide realistic, modifiable casualty care training scenarios and help increase the survivability rate of female Soldiers. Relevant technology focuses could include AR/VR, training manikins, and mixed reality.

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What we are looking for

Female Manikin

The solution should include an anatomically correct, modular/modifiable female manikin.

Open Architecture

Add-ons, upgrades, and automatic detection and configuration across different operating systems are key for the training solution to function across an array of scenarios.

Augmented/Mixed Reality

The solution should include augmented/mixed reality for cost-effective, changeable training simulations.

About the SPARTN Program

What Makes SPARTN Different?

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