We Question Why And Deliver What If

While many of the world's top technologies trace their origins to battlefield innovations, the private sector now leads technology development. And it's not just technology that has evolved. The commercial market has moved ahead by embracing business models and processes that support speed and agility.

AAL exists to help close this gap — for the good of our Soldiers, for the good of our Army, and for the good of our country. We challenge the Army's conventional approach to capability development and provide new ways for industry and the military to work together.

We build enduring value

We're driving a new normal for how all Army organizations work with one another — and how they work with industry. Long-term impact matters more to us than quick wins.

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We create genuine connection

Our clients on both sides are tired of empty promises and confusing bureaucracy. We cut through the noise to bring people and ideas together so that it counts.

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We evolve Army culture

We take calculated risks in the search for methods that really work and share them with the Army. Playing by old rules won't win new battles. Every lesson informs the way ahead.

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Who We Serve

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Army Organizations

We are here to support other Army organizations focused on modernization. We team up on their most complex challenges and show our mission partners how to adopt a more effective way of working with industry. Together, we can make the Army a better business partner and strengthen the nation's defense.

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Soldiers are at the center of every problem we take on, but they also help to inform the best solutions to their needs. After all, no one can explain a problem better than those closest to it. Our Soldier-centered design methods make sure we find novel solutions that also work for our ultimate customers.

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Commercial Solvers

You'd be surprised how many commercial technologies have military applications. We are looking for companies that have something the Army could use — even if they don't know it yet. And we want to make sure that anyone who wants to work with the Army, but doesn't know how, can cut through the red tape.


access and alignment process access and alignment process

We take a commercial approach to solution innovation — uniting specialists, stakeholders, commercial solvers, and Soldiers to solve a specific problem. These integrated, cross-cutting teams gain better insight and alignment from the beginning of a project and increase the probability of a successful transition into the hands of our Soldiers.

AAL In Action

Long-Range Precision Fires (LRPF) uncovered 14 solutions in just 12 weeks through the AAL Cohort Program. Now, they're applying parts of our model to how they operate.

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