AAL focuses on solving Army problems, not scouting new tech. Still, we know it's helpful to understand what technologies may align to those problems. So we've put together a short list of cross-cutting areas and common technologies where we know we'll need some help.

The exact tech and solutions we need are determined by the specific project. So, if your tech isn't an exact match what you see here, check out the full list of Army modernization priorities to discover other areas where your tech may apply.

Help maintain, resupply, and streamline all aspects of Soldier support




Reduce load on Soldiers and improve performance across environments and platforms

Enhanced-Training Tools


Human Performance

Provide secure, reliable tools for sharing information from anywhere in the world

Cyber Security

High-Efficiency Components

Network Protocols

Reduce size and weight while increasing power and performance of systems

Power Generation

Low-power Electronics

Compact Power Sources

Help Soldiers easily find their location, set direction, and plan routes without GPS

Position, Navigation & Timing

Hardware & Algorithms

Space Systems

Increase situational awareness and real-time intelligence

Sensors & Sensor Fusion

Unmanned Platforms