The hard truth about government contracting is that unsolicited proposals can get lost among thousands of others on a digital portal. Those that make it through are too often from companies that have cracked the code on federal solicitations and know how to work the system.

We are working to change that.


We align stakeholders and secure funding from the start. So you can be sure your ideas are reviewed directly by Army decision makers with immediate needs and real budgets


Each opportunity through AAL is announced on our social channels and here, on our website, so you don't have to dig through confusing government websites to find the right thing.


Our submission process is streamlined to focus on content over form. That creates a level playing field for companies that don't have dedicated BD teams or proposal writers.

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Open Opportunities

The number of current and upcoming projects changes regularly.
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We're not a laboratory in the traditional sense of the word. We exist to implement new ways for the Army and industry to work together.

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Upcoming Events

Dec 7-8, 2022


An exclusive 2-day workshop, hosted by Army Futures Command (AFC), to explore next-gen human performance technologies.

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